Clash of Clans Private Server

CoC is a very popular games with milions of players, you can now play on this Clash of Clans Private Server with unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir for free ! This is a guide that teaches you how to play on a Private Server . First thing you have to do is go to the aforementioned link and download the Private Server . Secondly , you’ll have to install Clash of Clans (the real version), then simply reboot your phone and start CoC, you’ll be playing on a Private Server with max Gems and Gold . If you want to switch back to the official server, you have to reinstall CoC completely .

Why play on a Clash of Clans Private Server ?

People play on Private Servers because they have access to unlimited Gold and Gems, this allows them to fully enjoy the game without having to pay anything at all ! You can now enjoy it too without paying anything at all, just get on our private server . This will not affect your real coc account in any way , as I’ve already mentioned, you can switch back to your account on the official server any time ! So you can now play with maximum gems and gold without having to spend anything at all .

Why choose our server ?

Our Clash of Clans Private Server is the most functional server up to date . It can hold tens of thousands of players simultanously and it is frequently updated with new amazing custom mods, etc . It also has an up-time of 99% meaning that you can play on it whenever you want without experiencing any downtime at all .

To use this server , you don’t have to pass any requirements.  You don’t need to root your device or pay for it , you just need to follow the steps listed above to download the server, then you will be able to access it within minutes . This server was developed by people from all over the world, we have a team of 4 members and we are doing our best to keep this server up to date .

It is compatible with both iOS and Android Devices – many servers only work for android but ours works for both iOs and Android, you are not limited to only 1 operating system ! The server is the same for both Operating System’s meaning that you can play with your friend on our private server even though you have iOS and he has Android .

How does this Clash of Clans Private Server work ?

We had to build this private server by using the original CoC Code, meaning that we had to code a lot ourselves . It was a lengthy task which took us a couple of months but we got it done in the end . This server is hosted in Ukraine and all the fees are covered by the team’s original team ! We can’t receive any donations because this is a non-profit server .

Get this private server for your iOS or Android device today and enjoy playing with max Gems and Gold !