Cold Winter Review

Cold Winter is without a doubt the greatest game ever made. In Cold Winter, players get to be special agent Sterling, a mega bad dude who doesn’t play around. You can fight terrorists and save the world Sterling style.
But the best part of this game is the multiplayer mode. I beat the campaign mode years ago, but I still play this game on a regular basis because I love to shoot my friends. No matter how many times I shoot my brother in the head, its still just as satisfying to watch his severed head roll across the floor. The FPS is amazing. The fighting is scary. Work with your environment to create custom weapons like molotov cocktails and fire bombs. Personally, I’m kinda partial to the molotov cocktail. The fire burns your victim until it bleeds your opponent’s health dry. It’s very useful for annoying campers who just sit around in some corner waiting for you to come around the bend. EAT FIRE CAMPER!!!

You can also connect online with players around the world. It’s equally satisfying to shoot someone in the head in Singapore as it is to shoot your brother in the head and watch his severed head roll across the floor. Campaign mode is amazing. You go from China to the Middle East to the baddies’ secret lair. Apparently this really bad dude wants to put the world into a nuclear winter. Why? Who knows. The real question is this: What are you going to do to stop it?

The AI is retarded (you can pretty much kill any of the bots like flies) so you should get a partner when playing this game.

Needless to say, this game is exceedingly violent. It’s rated M, so if you are not 17 you should not play this game. But for everybody else, I highly recommend this amazing game. As soon as you buy this game, get online so I can destroy you. Happy nuclear winter-ing/ noob killing!